Key Laboratory of Breast Cancer in Shanghai

Key Laboratory of Breast Cancer in Shanghai was officially established with approval of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality in October, 2012. Integrated with the professional research teams of Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center Department of Breast Surgery, Shanghai Breast Cancer Clinical Medical Center and Breast Cancer Institute, Key Laboratory of Breast Cancer in Shanghai becomes a leading institute for breast cancer with increasing international reputation. The amount of breast cancer operations is around 4,200 cases in the year of 2015, covering more than 20 cities and provinces throughout the country; the annual diagnosed Shanghai patients account for about 1/3 of the patients with new cases in Shanghai, and 80% of them were diagnosed at very early stage. The proportion of carcinoma in situ whose total five-year survival rate exceeds 99% is increased to 20% from the original 15%, reaching the same level with Europe and America. The total survival rate and disease free survival rate of breast cancer reach the international advanced level, and the overall survival rate and disease-free survival rate of breast cancers in Phase I-II and Phase III during five years after the surgery are increased to 91% and 69% in 2009 from the original 88% and 64% in 2006, respectively. The scientific achievements of breast cancer are excellent and fruitful, including National Prize of Science and Technology Progress, Grade II in 2005, Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award issued by Ministry of Education, Grade I in 2008 and Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Shanghai Government in 2011, Grade I. With the generous support of Shanghai Breast Cancer Clinical Medical Center and Breast Cancer Society of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, the Key Laboratory improves the overall level of mammary neoplasms diagnosis and scientific research in Shanghai and forms a synergistic and better-off favorable situation through the tight integration between basic and clinical research studies. 


Key Laboratory of Breast Cancer in Shanghai was administrated under the leadership of laboratory director. Prof. Shao Zhimin, the director of Key Laboratory, is the academic leader in the field of breast cancer, Distinguished Professor in the first batch of the “Chang Jiang Scholars Programme” organized by Ministry of Education, gainer of National Outstanding Youth Fund and Distinguished Professor of Fudan University. Prof. Shao is the Director of department of surgery and department of breast surgery in Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center; the Director of Fudan University Cancer Institute and Breast Cancer Institute; honorary Chairman of Breast Cancer Society, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association; Chairman of the 7th Asia Breast Cancer Association and honorary Chairman of Breast Cancer Society, Shanghai Anti-Cancer Association.

Prof. Shao has made significant breakthroughs in the clinical multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment mode, the optimization and application of personalized targeted therapy system, the clinical translational studies as well as the tumor basic research area. The Key Laboratory has undertaken many research projects, including Program “211”, Program “985”, Program “973”, National Key Scientific Research Program, Key Clinical Program of the Ministry of Health, National Natural Science Foundation of China, and Major Programs of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and the research team has obtained various of talent programs in the State or Shanghai Municipal including National Outstanding Youth, Shanghai Municipal Outstanding Academic Pacesetter Program, Shanghai Municipal Leading Talent, New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education and "Dawn" Program of Shanghai Education Commission. For the past few years, the Key Laboratory has achieved a batch of significant research results and publications in high Impact Factor jounrals such as Nature Reviews Cancer, PLoS Genetics, Cancer Research, Oncogene, Proteomics, Molecular Cancer Research and Clinical Cancer Research.

Aiming at frontiers and hotspots of breast cancer research and focusing on key scientific questions of breast cancer such as early diagnosis, metastasis mechanism and personalized therapy, Key Laboratory of Breast Cancer in Shanghai integrated the researches between basic and clinical studies with the broad cross of multiple disciplines. The major research areas in the Key Laboratory are as follow:

1.Molecular epidemiology and early diagnosis in breast cancer;

2.Metastasis mechanism and its regulatory network in breast cancer;

3.Molecular subtypes, individual therapy and clinical translational research in breast cancer.

Key Laboratory of Breast Cancer in Shanghai will become the top-level basic and clinical research base, talent training base and academic exchange center for breast malignancy tumor. The Key Laboratory will integrated with the superior research resources from hospitals, schools and research institutes in Shanghai, and focus on the frontiers and key scientific issues of breast malignancy tumor. The Key Laboratory will contribute to the development of clinical and basic researches for the purpose of making a breakthrough progress in the fields including causes of disease, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. 

Meanwhile, the Key Laboratory will focus on the transformation of scientific achievements, the training of outstanding talents and the academic exchange and cooperation. The research achievements will promote clinical serves in Fudan Univerisity Shanghai Cancer Center and other AAA hospitals (a sign of top hospitals according to the evaluation system by Chinese Ministry of Health) in Shanghai, and directly bring benefit to women in Shanghai and all over the country.