Fudan University Cancer Institute

Fudan University Cancer Institute is a scientific research platform for basic and translational studies in cancer. It integrates Experimental Research Center, Breast Cancer Institute, Pancreatic Cancer Institute, Research Unit (led by full-time principal investigators and clinical principal investigators), Mérieux Institute, Radiology Research Platforms, Tissue Bank and Technical Support Platforms, with the lab space of over 6,000 square meters. Professor Zhimin SHAO is the director, and Professor Xianghuo HE serves as the associate director.

To ensure implementation of scientific research, Fudan University Cancer Institute has been equipped by confocal image analysis platform, flow cytometry cell analysis and sorting platform, genetic analysis platform, RNA quality control platform, pathology workstation, which are maintained by professional technicians. 

22 PIs are working together in the field of cancer molecular epidemiology, molecular biology, genetics, immunology and translational medicine in the institute mainly supported by Program “211”, Program “985”, Program “973”, Key Clinical Program of the Ministry of Health, Key Project of National 10th 5-year Plan, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Major Programs of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. A batch of significant research results have been published in peer-reviewed journals including Nature genetics, Nature Reviews Cancer, Gastroenterology, Cancer Cell, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Hepatology, J Natl Cancer Inst, PLoS Genetics, Cell research, Cancer Research, Oncogene and Clinical Cancer Research, etc.